How we will survive and thrive

Leaving Predatory Globalism for Sovereign Humanism / Breaking the spell of 4 deadly dogmas of globalism (PDF BOOK)


How we will survive and thrive

Avtor: Blaž Kavčič, Katerina Vidner Ferkov

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This book wants to present a plethora of the social phenomena
that have a fatal impact on our life and are predominantly present and
influential. However, people do not notice them or do not want to
notice them or do not want to admit to have noticed them. The social
phenomena that we are dealing with in the book are the following:
• State powers do not operate for the benefit of their citizens and
the planet because the institutions and motivations are set in
such a way that this is not possible.
• Everything that happens in the human society is a consequence
of certain decisions.
• Powers that be are systemically and systematically poisoning
• Masks – suffocating, poisoning and destroying the psychological
and cognitive abilities of children! Testing means poisoning and
damaging of the psychophysical integrity of people!
• Political parties are systemically merely a transmission to transfer
decisions of the concentrated capital into implementation.
• The system is set up in such a way that those who cause the most
damage to the humankind and the planet have the most wealth
and consequently the most decision-making power.
• Banks have seized a monopoly over money production; however,
value is not generated in banks but is the result of the human
• No technology, no matter how good, can solve the problems
caused by the perverted social relations.
• Development and technologies are not a spontaneous consequence
of the noble aim to improve human lives.
• Imperialism caused poverty that destroyed the social and natural
• Global terrorism can only function with the global financing.
• The business model of the pharmaceutical and other corporatized
activities within the health sector is based on the pathological
perspective – to sustain their business model of managing illnesses.
• Promoting of competition and a free market has led to a monopoly.

In the book we are deconstructing the manipulative and dangerous discourses that are a foundation of control of individual states and the world as a whole by the concentrated capital. Some of these are incorporated into the dogmas: Dogma of Virus, Dogma of Money, Dogma of Carbon Dioxide and Dogma of Democracy. With the insight into the discourses and dogmas, this book “steps on the shoulders of intellectual giants”, as it reflects meaningfully the findings of scientific authorities in various fields. These are usually hidden from the public eye or presented in a wrong light.

It is supposed to be for those who want to understand the functioning of people as individuals and as subjects of the society happenings. 


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